Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ebay, Paypal and Antitrust

Ebay is forcing its' members to use Paypal for all transactions. There is also some obscure alternative which no one uses available.

No more checks, no more money orders. WHY? Because Ebay does not collect a percentage on those independent means of conducting business!

Also shipping fees will have limits. WHY? Because Ebay does not collect percentages on shipping fees!!!

Actually it is the mega-sellers that Ebay is catering to that charge the outrageous shipping: it is good business.

Ebay owns Paypal. How much more blatant can you get????

How could this NOT be a clear violation of the Sherman Act (no, not the guy from "Hello, Muddah, Hello Fuddah, Here I am at Camp Granada" ;o)?

By the way, Ebay owns 25% of Craig's List.

Let it rip!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey there Kathleen,

Thanks for the link to my post about eBay and their anti-trust law abuse, appreciate it.

I'll be sure to keep an eye on what's happening and make sure people know the score.

Thanks again, have a great up and coming weekend!


ebaysucks said...